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Are you unexpectedly pregnant?

You're Not Alone!

Abortion clinic Braamfontein is a distinguished women’s clinic that is known for providing confidential medical abortion at very reasonable affordable prices.

With several years of experience in pregnancy termination, we have developed a reputation for delivering excellent medical care with empathy and understanding

What we offer!

We are committed to providing women in Braamfontein with the guidance and medical expertise they need to  about their sexual and reproductive health.

 Apart from terminating the pregnancies you will also be provided with free counselling sessions in order to make an informed decision before terminating so that you go through the procedure without any regrets. 

Abortion Procedure

Using abortion pills during termination have been found to be a safe and effective abortion option because it des not require and surgery and can be performed in the comfort of your home under the supervision of the doctor. 

Although the abortion process might seem easy we always it is advisable to contact a reputable abortion clinic near you that will provide you with the care and support needed in case you experience any complications during the process.  


After-care & Recovery


Before or after a medical abortion procedure, it is crucial to prioritize your physical and emotional recovery process in order to ensure your overall health and well-being.

This involves following any post-procedure instructions given by your healthcare provider and being vigilant of any possible symptoms or complications.

Terminating a pregnancy is an emotional and challenging experience which sometimes tends to cause conflicting emotions of sadness, guilt and anger all at the same time and this is caused by change in the hormones. 

It is important to follow up with the clinic in ordering to address and concern’s or  seek emotional support from loved ones or professional counseling if needed. At Cavewell, you will receive the compassionate care and support you deserve.

Choose Abortion Clinic Braamfontein

Under going a medical abortion is a different experience because each woman’s body reacts differently to the medication. Women who have under gone medication abortion compared it a miscarriage

After the abortion you will need to take it easy for a while afterwards to avoid over bleeding caused by strenuous activities like exercising or jogging.

Yes abortion pills can be ordered online via Tele-medicine a convenient and discreet option for individuals who might otherwise be hesitant to seek abortion services in person.

It is important to note, however, that purchasing abortion pills online requires careful consideration and patients must take extra precautions to ensure they are obtaining safe and effective medications.

Choosing a medical abortion procedure t be conducted by any of our abortion centers in Gauteng is a very safe way to end a pregnancy.

At Cavwell abortion centers,  the risk of complications of any type is very low. The medical team will walk you through exactly what to expect both the day of your abortion as well as afterwards till you are fully recovered.

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