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Are you unexpectedly pregnant?

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Cavewell abortion clinic Johannesburg is a private women’s clinic that specializes in confidential same-day medical procedures needed by women in need of pregnancy termination.

As a certified women’s clinic in Johannesburg with a mission to provide compassionate care and support to women in need, we understand that decision to end a pregnancy a pregnancy is a challenging one and requires a lot of careful consideration and support.

What we do!


We offer guidance and medical expertise before terminating the pregnancy so that you make informed decisions about your reproductive health and the future ahead of you. 

If you are okay with all the information and the advise provided by the nurse, a pregnancy tests or ultrasound scan might be recommended as a precautionary measure to confirm the duration of the pregnancy. 

Abortion Procedure

Using abortion pills to terminate a pregnancy has been found to be a safe and reliable choice for women seeking to terminate an early pregnancy. Not only is this method highly effective, it does not require surgery

Although the termination procedure might seem quick and simple it is always recommended to seek advice from a reputable Women’s clinic in Johannesburg like us that will monitor you progress during the termination process. 


After-care & Recovery


After the termination process is complete you will be given antibiotics to prevent infections. Please ensure that all the medication prescribed by the clinic is taken accordingly. Also any post recovery instructions provided by the clinic must for followed and vigilant of any possible symptoms or complications.

Healing and recovering well from an abortion well is very important for your overall health and well-being. Although some women may feel relieved after the termination process, others may be saddened or feel guilty.  

Those kind of emotions felt after terminating a pregnancy are very normal and will fade away with time. Should you feel the need to speak to us even after the abortion we are always available to help. 

At Cavewell women’s clinic in Johannesburg, you can be rest assured that you will receive the compassionate care and support you deserve!

Choose Abortion Clinic Johannesburg

A medical abortion is like undergoing a natural miscarriage. During the procedure, you may experience a little cramping like strong period pains but taking normal abdominal pain medication bought over the counter can ease the pain.

Yes abortion pills with detailed instructions can be delivered to you confidential in a sealed parcel. The women’s clinic in Johannesburg always reminds women not to resort to dangerous back-alley unsafe procedures because you will end up with risky abortion complications, damaging your womb or even death. 

Should you need help our abortion clinics are always available to assist you!

Cavewell abortion clinic always advises its patients  to wait at least 3 weeks before engaging in any sexual activities since ovulation can also occur within that same period. But you can have sex as soon as you feel ready as long as your are not bleeding or experiencing any pains.

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