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What is a safe abortion

A safe abortion procedure is an abortion performed by a qualified and experienced medical professional using the recommended method of termination on the appropriate weeks of the pregnancy.

Terminating a pregnancy is your legal right but always make informed decisions about your reproductive health and avoid using unsafe methods of terminating pregnancies because you might end up with abortion complications. 

How safe is abortion?

Abortions are common medical procedures that are generally very safe. Statistics also indicate that most women who have undergone abortions, healed well without experiencing any side effects or long term problems.

Women seeking abortion services need to differentiate the actual facts from the myths about abortion in order for them to make informed decisions about their reproductive health like seeking assistance from reputable safe abortion clinics.

Available Safe Abortion Procedures

medical abortion pill

Medical Abortion

Medication abortion utilizes 2 types of abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol in order to cause a miscarriage and requires no surgery.

This whole abortion process can be conducted while at the women’s health center or in your own privacy at home.

vacuum aspiration abortion procedure

Vacuum Aspiration

Vacuum aspiration, also known as “suction abortion,” is mostly used on pregnancies past 10 weeks or incomplete abortions.

This termination process is relatively quick, painless and does not require dilation of the cervix, which significantly reduces the risk of complications.

dilation and evacuation abortion procedure

Dilation and Evacuation

Dilation and Evacuation, commonly known as D&E, is used to terminate late term pregnancies or complicated pregnancies such as ectopic pregnancies.

This procedure involves the dilation of the cervix, which is accomplished by inserting laminaria sticks into the cervical opening. 

What is the best abortion procedure?

As women weigh the various options for terminating unwanted pregnancies, there are several factors that will determine what the best abortion procedure would be. For instance:-

  1. Your medical history or previous complications.
  2. The gestation period / number of weeks pregnant.
  3. The cost of abortion procedure to be conducted.

So if you looking for legal abortions or just need to buy medically approved abortion pills, Cavewell Abortion Clinic is a reputable women’s clinic in Johannesburg that will be able to assist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every woman’s experience during a termination of pregnancy is different. Some women experience lights pains while others are able to manage pain during abortion. Whether an abortion procedure hurts depends on several factors like how far along the pregnancy is and type of abortion conducted.

The abortion clinic in Johannesburg always advises women in its blog posts that immediately you notice you have skipped your period, perform a pregnancy test. And if you unsure of what to do contact them for advice.

It is important to note that the prices of abortions may differ depending on the Women’s clinic where the procedure is to be done, as well as the type of abortion that would be performed

It is therefore essential for you to do proper research for instance search on the internet for terms like “abortion clinics near me” or Women’s clinic near me and compare the abortion costs and determine the most reliable and affordable womens clinic near you.

Having an abortion wont affect your fertility provided the abortion services rendered were done by certified abortion clinics, with the appropriate abortion procedure on the right number of weeks.

However fertility issues can occur should develop complications after undergoing an abortion. It is important for women to discuss any concerns or questions they have about the procedure with their healthcare provider or the staff at the clinic.

It is important to understand that recovery after abortion varies per patient but most women have been able to resume normal activities within a weeks period. However if you not having busy work schedules its advisable to take as much time as you need much 

So if you’re looking for a trusted and caring abortion provider, look no further than Cavewell Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg because our team of nurses will work during your recovery period and also receive comprehensive post-abortion care to help you heal and recover well after the termination procedure.

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