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Our organization takes pride in being the premier expert in women’s sexual and reproductive health within the Johannesburg medical community. We offer a range of comprehensive wellness check-ups specifically designed for women to ensure that their health and wellbeing is prioritized. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. In addition, we offer medical safe abortions to those who require them, ensuring a safe and comfortable procedure that is both discreet and confidential

Trust us to put your health and wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do.




Reproductive healthcare should prioritize as it is safe, effective, and less invasive than surgical abortion. Medical abortion is not often offered due to a lack of training and resources for healthcare providers.

 provides patients access to comprehensive care and more options. This requires educating providers, ensuring access to medication, and ensuring privacy. The integrating medical abortion can improve reproductive healthcare outcomes and patient autonomy.




Carlton Women’s Clinic is a leading sexual and reproductive healthcare provider that is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to women of all ages.

Our clinic offers an array of services that are designed to promote and protect the sexual and reproductive well-being of women. We understand that sexual and reproductive health is a vital part of overall health, and we are dedicated to providing women with the resources and information they need to make informed choices about their health and well-being. Our highly-trained and experienced healthcare professionals use the latest technology and techniques to provide safe and effective care to our patients. Whether you need birth control, STD testing, pregnancy care, or any other sexual and reproductive healthcare services, you can trust Carlton Women’s Clinic to be your partner in health.




ou unexpectedly pregnant and in need of a safe abortion clinic in Johannesburg that can assist you with a legal termination of pregnancy? 

Look No Further!

Cavewell is a privately owned sexual and reproductive women’s health clinic offering affordable safe abortion procedures, post abortion counselling and also educates women about their reproductive rights. 

So if  you or a friend needs help with any of the services mentioned above, 

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A safe abortion procedure is where an abortion is performed by a trained medical personnel using a  method recommended by WHO and appropriate to the pregnancy duration. 

Terminating your pregnancy (abortion) is your legal right and you should never be embarrassed about considering to have an abortion. Cavewell Abortion clinic offers safe medical and surgical abortion procedures for women faced with unwanted pregnancies.

Our nurses and doctors are accredited professionals, in sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Seeking the assistance of a professional healthcare provider can help ensure that the procedure is performed safely and with the utmost care, respect and confidentiality.

from specializing in women’s reproductive health services Cavewell is one medical facility that empowers and serves post abortion women of all ages to prevent unintended pregnancies and assists them make informed decisions.

Trust Cavewell women’s clinic in Johannesburg to provide you with the highest quality care and confidentiality for all your health-related needs.

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