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Cavewell abortion clinic Namibia is a private women’s clinic assisting women in Namibia confidentially terminate pregnancies they not ready for or may not wish to proceed with due to various reasons. 


Many women in Namibia are forced with this challenge because the strict legal framework only allows abortion for specific reasons and that alone has  a significant impact on their physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as on their personal and professional lives.

We can help

Unplanned pregnancy can be an extremely challenging and overwhelming experience because some women face numerous challenges like discrimination, and lack of support when they unexpectedly fall pregnant out of wedlock 

Luckily you can now get a discreet medical abortion procedure confidentially done in the comfort of your own home under the supervision of the nurse from the abortion clinic Namibia on whatsApp without signing any medical documents.

How does it work

Medication abortion one of the commonly used and effective method of terminating an early pregnancy involves using 2 types of abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets, which must be taken together in order to cause a miscarriage.


While it may seem like a straightforward abortion process, it is important to understand the details and the possible medical abortion risks that may arise after taking the abortion tablets. However it can be a safe and effective pregnancy termination option for women in Namibia seeking to end unplanned pregnancies.


After-care & Recovery


Recovery after a medical abortion procedure is a crucial aspect that needs to be taken seriously because the medication used can take a toll on your body. Therefore, allowing your body to heal and recover should be a top priority. 

Always make informed decisions about your reproductive health because lack of access to safe and legal abortion services has resulted in women resorting to dangerous unsafe abortion procedures that pose a significant risk to their health and wellbeing. Contact us now for help!

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No scientific evidence has provided conclusive evidence that breast cancer and abortion are causally related.

It is important to note that breast cancer is a complex disease that can develop through various factors, including genetics and your lifestyle. Should you need any more advise about your sexual and reproductive health contact our women’s reproductive health clinic anytime. There is always a nurse to assist. 

Medical abortion is a safe and effective option for terminating a pregnancy and considered a non-invasive alternative to surgical abortion. This procedure can be done in a medical facility or in the privacy of one’s own home. Despite the slight risks associated with this method, medical abortion remains one of the safest and most accessible options for those seeking to terminate a pregnancy.

Yes abortion pills can be delivered to you from our private confidential women’s abortion clinic in Namibia. Always avoid women resorting to dangerous back-alley unsafe procedures because they will end up damaging your womb or even death. Contact any of our medical abortion clinics in South African for help!

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