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Are you unexpectedly pregnant?

You're Not Alone!

Cavewell abortion clinic Manzini that is discreet women’s health clinic dedicated to providing compassionate and safe and effective medical abortion pill procedures, recommenced for terminating early pregnancies without the need for surgery.

Unfortunately, due to the strict legal framework surrounding pregnancy termination in Mazini, many women are unable to access abortion services and this alone has an significant impact on women who want to exercise their reproductive rights.

We can help

We can assist you with  discreet and confidential abortion procedure that does not require you to sign any medical documents.


This abortion option can be done in the comfort of your own home under the supervision of the nurse via our Tele-abortion option to ensure that you follow all the instructions accordingly. 


Many women around the globe have successful opted for this early pregnancy termination procedure to end pregnancies without the need for invasive surgical procedures also known as in-clinic abortions. 


How does it work

two types of abortion pills – Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which are taken together within a period of 48 hours to induce a miscarriage and does not require any anesthesia or hospitalization unless complications occur during the process but it rarely happens. 


Medical termination options are becoming increasingly popular due to the many advantages they have over surgical abortions. One of the most significant benefits is that there is less physical pain and discomfort during the process, and the woman has more control over the process.


After-care & Recovery


A medical abortion procedure can have a significant impact on your body and your mind, and as such, you need to give yourself enough time to heal and recover properly. Taking proper care of yourself and following the instructions given by your healthcare provider is essential to ensure a safe and successful recovery.

If you recently had an abortion, you may be feeling anxious about whether the procedure was successful and have no after effects. We suggest that you have an ultrasound performed by a general practitioner in y0ur area t get accurate results. 


Alternatively you can schedule an online follow-up appointment with the nurses at abortion clinic Manzini to get some tips on how to physically check that everything went according to plan without visiting your nearest local clinic.

Choose Abortion Clinic Manzini

Before any abortion procedure it is advisable to seek counselling to determine that it is the right option for you. During your counselling sessions several options like parenting or adoption will be offered.  


If you choose to go ahead with the termination process the counselor will access how many weeks of pregnancy you and if you still qualify for an abortion, they will get you an appointment day or refer you to a facility that performs abortions.

Abortion procedures are slightly painful but it depends what abortion procedure you opting for. Previous experiences from women who have undergone medication abortions claimed it felt more natural compared to surgical procedures.


Surgical abortions are more tense because it involves using medical equipment to remove the contents of the womb but surgical abortion has more advantages than the medical abortion process.   

It is important to bear in mind that every woman’s body is unique and may react differently during the process abortion process. You also need to remember that amount of bleeding depends on the duration of the pregnancy. 


While some women may experience light bleeding, others may experience heavier bleeding or continue to bleed for up to several weeks. As long as it is not excessive or prolonged bleeding and not changing more than 3 pads in a row within an hour, there is nothing to worry about. 

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