5 Tips How To Choose Abortion Clinics Near You


At Cavewell Abortion clinic, your comfort and peace of mind you will 

you will also need to be caution online be able to identify pregnancy crisis centers / fake abortion clinic from legitimate abortion centers. 


Below is a well researched list of certified abortion places where you can get legitimate abortion services.  

Latest Abortion Price List

Abortion Pills

Including Womb Cleaning Tablets
For a 4 weeks pregnancy
  • We Also deliver

We believe that paying for an abortion should never be a burden, and that’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that we offer the best abortion prices in Gauteng

our payment process is as simple and stress-free as possible. Whether you prefer to pay by credit card, cash, or through a third-party provider, we have a payment option that will work for you.

Let us take care of the financial aspect so you can focus on taking care of yourself during this delicate time.

Whatsapp our abortion clinic now to get discounts on medical abortion procedures!

Surgical Abortions Price list

All surgical procedures are same-day and performed on the cinic premises under a local anesthetic. The price charged covers for consultation, ultrasound / scan, abortion procedure and after-care

Cavewell Abortion Clinic may, in its sole discretion, change its abortion price list at any time without notice.

Accepted Payment Options

 Our goal is to ensure that all individuals seeking abortion services easily make payments without any inconvenience

– We do not accept medical Aid Cards.
– We don’t accept personal checks or money orders.


We accept cash payments at all of our abortion centres countrywide.

This option provides a convenient and accessible method of payment for those who do not have access to online banking.


No need to carry a significant amount of money, as we understand that your safety and security should be our top priority.

You may choose to swipe for the abortion procedure within the center premises.


We understand that some patients may prefer not to carry cash or may not have access to digital payment methods.

In order to accommodate these individuals, we offer upfront payments via a direct bank transfer.


Should you prefer an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), we advise making payment 3 days before your appointment date.

This will help ensure that your payment is processed in time and booking confirmed in order to avoid any delays 

Can I get financial assistance for an abortion?

Yes! You can get financial assistance and have a free abortion done government hospitals. However, the steps below need to be followed.

  • You need to go to a local clinic and make a request.
  • They will provide a referral letter that you must  present at the government hospital.
  • Lastly you will have to wait for an appointment date.

However if you’re a patient in need and can not afford an abortion, Cavewell Abortion Clinic has instalment payment options to assist low income women.

Call our abortion clinic at +27 63-872-4947 for an assessment to see if you qualify. 

Terms & Conditions!

Please read and understand the terms and conditions associated with our abortion facility.

If a procedure is scheduled, it is imperative to ensure that it takes place within the stipulated time frame.

Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the payment.

Service Delivery policy

Due to the high demand of patients who prefer getting assistance from our clinic, We can only perform surgical abortions if the doctor is  available, and if you pay for them in advance.

Sometimes we may need to cancel or change your appointment if there are unforeseen circumstances, such as a nurse or doctor not being available on that day.

Refunds and cancellation 

If a patient has made payment and later changes her mind or is still uncertain, here’s what will happen:-

  • You can not return the medication received. 
  • In case you made payment and need to cancel, cancellation fee R400 plus necessary expenses will be deducted first.
  • Incase you opted for a medical abortion procedure and the procedure was unsuccessful, No Refunds. But you will be given another dose free of charge or top up on the abortion price and perform a surgical procedure.

Cavewell Abortion Clinic – Contact details

Email:- ladyzreproductivehealth@gmail.com

Mobile:- +27 63 872 4947

Landline:- +27 21 872 4985

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